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Who clears your path?

What path do you take to success? Is that path clear and easy or does it need some brush cleared out from time to time?

How does the path become more clear? Is it by work of others or by your hard work and dedication?

Chances are if your path seems full of brush, you might be depending on others too much. Your achievements and goals are personal for a reason. It is up to the individual to create those goals and put the work in achieve those goals.

There may be brush in your path, but it’s up to you as the individual to clear it.

Make it the best day!


What’s in your backpack?

Notebook, phone, wallet, gym clothes, transit card, headphones….dreams?

Where do you want to explore? What drives your passion for working? Do you want to vacation, travel, sit in the back yard?

Each day that passes is a gentle reminder that our time is precious. Your backpack should be full of what you aspire to do.

Setting your intention and making your dreams become realities. Try not to make your pack too heavy. Take in your experiences, not all on your phone.

Pack your bag and live your dreams.

Breathe, look, love, repeat.

Make it the best day!





Stress is real. How do we deal with it? Stress can come in bad forms (work, business, personal) or positive (exercise).

Dealing with stress is crucial to having a positive outcome from the scenario. When negative stress is high in your life there are a few steps you can take to make it more manageable.

1. Find your breath. Slow and easy

2. Listen to soothing music, while closing your eyes

3. Take a mental step back, see the current situation and the big picture

4. Breathe, this is more important than you think

5. Take positive steps to progress and move past the current situation.

There are a multitude of options when dealing with stress. The most important one to do, is the one that helps you get through it. Find the best way that you deal with stress and implement it with a positive mindset.

Make it the best day!


Getting back in the swing

It was the last major 3 day weekend of the summer, I hope you’re not reading this wearing white pants….

After a nice long weekend, it’s hard to get back to the desk and get moving on the work pile. Start small and don’t try to mill around on social media for too long. Getting your workout on early will help and will set your mind right.

Have comfort in the fact this is only a 4 day work week, try not to be bummed that you are back at work. Set your mind on your tasks at hand and see how quickly it will be Friday.

Time moves at the same pace, no matter what day it is. ­čÖé

Make it the best day!


Invest in yourself

What propels you forward in life to learn new things? Why do we choose to learn a new language or make ourselves more appealing to future employers?

It is obviously a myriad of reasons, make more money, be better equipped for the future.

Whatever the reason may be the rationale remains the same.

It is always a good idea to invest in yourself.

Learn a new trade, learn a new skill, immerse yourself in a new language. The journey might have its ups and downs but you will come out a richer person. Not just in a monetary sense. Investing in yourself means you are understand the value of growing as an individual. It opens your eyes and mind up to new avenues you have never seen before.

Put the time and money into a new endeavor and become a learner. Always learn, stay connected to who you are and grow everyday.

Make it the best day!


1 day challenge

What have you been wanting to do and been putting off?

One thing that will take you out of your comfort zone. Perhaps only for 1 minute or 1 full day.

This is the 1 day challenge. Do one thing today that you haven’t done before or have been saying “I am going to do ________ this weekend, I swear this time!”

Do it. Then after the fact give yourself a high-five and a pat on the back!

Make it the best day!



It can feel as if you have all or none. Moving with momentum is the easiest part of moving. Why? Because you have assistance, the drive! When you don’t have momentum, everything can feel 100% harder.

How do we regain it? Did we ever lose it?

Focus on your task, little steps end up completing the end goal.

Those little steps build momentum and ultimately help in achieving that end goal.

Create your momentum and fuel it with small steps everyday to achieve your desired result!

Make it the best day!


Keep your head up

No matter what your goals may be there are roadblocks and hurdles. Little things that try stop or hinder you from your goal.

This may go on for 1,2 or 3 months. However, if you keep your intent positive and do the little things that you know will help achieve your goal, you will make it!!

Take the smallest victories on your way to your big goal. If a hurdle pops up, face it with the intent of learning and progressing. By keeping a positive outlook in the face of adversity not only will it make the journey a lot better, but it will make the victory that much sweeter!!

Keep your head up. Have an open mindset every day. Remember. yesterday’s successes or hurdles are in the past. If we truly want to reach our goals we need to treat everyday as new and wonderful opportunity. (Because┬áit is ­čÖé

Make it the best day!



Create something fun.

Create something that challenges you.

Create with no restraint.

Create from a random idea.

It can be a drawing, a song, a poem, a new meal. So many things to create, don’t let your mind or this blog limit you.

Take some time and tap into your creative juices.

Make it the best day!