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Seth Godin is a bright mind. He is actually where I got the idea for the daily blog. Every day I stop by his page sethgodin.typepad.com┬áto read his insights. Lots of great ideas flow from his mind and I couldn’t resist sharing his post from this past weekend.

Managing the gap

There’s a space between where you are now and where you want to be, ought to be, are capable of being.
A gap between your reality and your possibility.Imagine that space as a gulf or a chasm and you’ll become paralyzed, stuck in the current situation.
And refuse to see it at all and you’ll merely be self-satisfied, and just as stuck.The magic of forward movement is seeing the space as leap-sized, as something that persistent, consistent effort can get you through.
The most likely paths are the ones where you can see the steps.Your problem might not be that you’re not trying hard enough. It might be that you’re seeing the opportunity in the wrong way.
His post echos what I talk about on a daily basis. Managing your mindset and seeing your success. I would suggest stopping by his page everyday as well for a different insight and view. His posts are short and sweet, but filled valuable nuggets.
Make it the best day!

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