Eating while traveling

There are many temptations when you are traveling. With the prevailing thought process of “I am on vacation I will eat whatever I want!”

While not limiting yourself is a wonderful, we must also keep in mind my favorite word.


It can be quite hard to stick to your normal diet when on the go. There are many obstacles that can appear. These can include but are not limited to, stress, lack of a place to cook, not many great options, time restraints.

Look over the menu, find options with the highest protein content. (The desserts are usually not the best place to start with this ­čÖé

The lean meats will be a great start, chicken, pork and fish are also good. Obviously a vegetation option would be a good substitute, however the protein content may be a bit lacking.  Protein will help keep you satisfied longer than breads or carbohydrates. If possible, get a mixed of carbs, proteins and fats. This will help you from getting all the sweets from the menu.

Make it the best day!


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