Morning Commute

Stressed out about the commute to work tomorrow? Unless you are walking or riding your bike, chances are there will be a car drive, bus or train ride involved. How can you turn the stress of a morning commute into a pleasant trip?

Select music that is calming and has those good vibes. : )

Try to avoid music that has an over aggressive tone and speed. It will amplify the stress of traffic. Find some surfing tunes, classic samba or flamenco. Pleasant feels will follow, guaranteed.

If you don’t have to drive to work, pick up a good book or the paper to read. Expand your knowledge or find and enjoyable book that will take your mind on fun journey.

There are many things that can derail a good morning. Take it into your hands to make your day the best it can be from the start.

Remember your actions determine your outcomes. Be positive and enjoy your Monday!

Make it the best day!