Daily reflection

What happens in the morning routine? Is there time set aside for your gratitude. If there currently is not, make some time. It can be anytime from 1 minute to 5 minutes. There are a couple of moments during the morning that can double as reflection time.

Brushing your teeth, during your shower, the drive into work, or anytime you can process your thoughts.

Think of a few things you are grateful for (shoes, waking up, food, having shelter) and say it out loud. (That might be a little tough when you’re brushing your teeth 🙂

The point of the exercise is to get your mind and body in a positive state and send good feels through your system. It’s hard to be crabby or upset when you’re being thankful. Be thankful for a few minutes a day and make it into a habit.

Take a look back after a week and see how far you have come.

Make it the best day!


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