Exit Strategy

You’ve made progress in your work and personal life. The goals you set out to achieve you accomplished, after long hours and stressful days.

Now what?

Re-set your goals to achieve a higher income level or more clients? What if this is the end of the current journey and you want to taper it down?

An exit strategy is needed. Not just a move that will drop you on your face but a strategic plan that is congruent with you life goals and objectives. This is as true for the workplace as it is for the market place with your retirement. How do you plan on living comfortably after your working days are done?

Have you planned for the exit in a smooth graceful (duck landing in the water way) or more like a fish trying to jump out of the water?

As uncomfortable as a thought as it may be at times, have an exit strategy waiting. You never know when you will need it. If life throws you a curveball and the exit plan is necessary, there will be much less stress knowing you already have one.

Make it the best day!


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