Need, want, like

That is an amazing t-shirt, I want that! Holy cow that ice cream was just the best, I need that! Oh I like that picture of the ocean. It makes me smile.

Do we need that object, new car or candy bar? Or do we just want something in that moment? If we give it one day, will that feeling pass?

Analyze where you are and what you are thinking of buying. Most of the time it can wait. Think it through. This is very important for snacks that can derail your hard work of eating healthy. Taking a step back from that snickers and look for a better option. Or maybe this time it is just water to fill that ‘bored hunger.’

Need, want, like. Look at it, assess the situation, make a decision. More often than not, it’s a want and you will get by just fine without it.

Make it the best day!


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