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Treading water or swimming to success?

Going through this week, month or year are we treading water or are we making progress?

If we are treading water, why are we doing so?

  • Not in the game mentally?
  • Lack of personal effort?
  • Distractions?
  • Lack of motivation?
  • Not enough rest?

There are a multitude of reasons why we tread water in regards to work or personal life. Dig deep to find the ultimate reason this is happening.

How can we turn treading water into a full on swim in the direction of success?

Does it involve waking up earlier to accomplish more tasks? Turning off the TV to read or exercise? Or is it changing your mindset to focus on your ultimate desires?

If you feel like you are currently just treading water, look for an answer. Be honest with yourself about the things you feel and do. What activity is just turning the wheel everyday?

Write it down. Pledge to change it. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Make it the best day!


Don’t do tomorrow what you can do today

When is the last time you said “I’ll take care of that tomorrow”?

Chances are that statement has been said numerous times in the last few days alone. In my opinion that can be the most debilitating self talk statement there is.

Getting through your current task list is the first step in clearing your “pile” of to-dos. It may seem like that “pile” will never get taken care of. If you keep putting tasks off until tomorrow than that pile will continue to build up. How you can stay ahead of the game and keep on top of your tasks?

  • Create a to-do list. Arrange it with from most important to least
  • Use a highlighter to cross the tasks off. It will keep your list cleaner and give a little color!
  • Don’t attempt to multi-task or jump around on the list. You created the list in order of importance for a reason. Check off the list in order and you will be surprised how quickly it actually gets done
  • Allow yourself a break after completing a set number of tasks.

Be disciplined and clean your list. The sense of accomplishment will be immediate and you won’t have to worry about doing all those tasks “tomorrow”.

Make it the best day!


The best exercise for a time crunch

Well, I am going to expose it all right here. The best exercise to do in a time crunch is…..


What do you like to do? Run, walk, lift weights, play games, basketball?

The truth is anything you do is better than sitting on the couch. You need to move and get the blood flowing. If you have 20 minutes of free time, go for a walk. If have a bit of free time and gym membership get in and get that heart rate elevated.

Your best option is to get the heart rate elevated for 20 to 30 minutes. However, if a walk is the only thing you have time or space for try to make it 30 consecutive minutes. Alternatively you can also do two 15 minute session to equal the recommended 30 minutes.

You might be thinking. Well how am I supposed to set aside 20 minutes Kevin?! I have a job, kids, traffic, laundry and more things to do I can’t list them all.

Well first off, take control of your time. It’s the most important thing you have.

After dinner or before dinner set aside 20 minutes to walk around the block. Forget checking Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for the 35th time today. That can wait, trust me.

How about waking up 20 minutes earlier to get your day off to a better start? Walk with your coffee or tea!

Use your time to get out and move. Get off the couch and find the path to a healthy you!

It’s closer than you think.

Make it the best day!


Finding your Inspiration

What motivates you?

What do you listen to or read that makes you think, “I am going to CRUSH it today!”

Do you know? If you don’t, find a few things that give you inspiration during a rough day or morning. It can be a book, poster, a friend with encouraging words. Be creative!! How about a picture of you as a kid being a total rockstar?

Find your inspiration. Scream it, hold it, read it, re-read it, embrace it.

To pull one of the best quotes from the movie “The Other Guys”

Let yourself fly!

Make it the best day!


You’re up

Many things can get in the way of our intended purpose for the day. We all know those types of events that stray us from the path and leave that frustrated feeling (traffic, spilled coffee, an argument, deadline missed, deadline approaching, endless travel,)

Accountability has been touched on briefly before and it is here again. No matter the hurdles that appear in our day the ultimate decision on dealing with them comes down to you.

You are up.

You can control how you react to a bad driver. How you react to missing a workout. Being disciplined in your reactions can have a beneficial effect on your overall mood and day.

Step up to the plate. Try to react to an adverse situation without anger and with gratitude. Your body and your mind will thank you. Search for the best in every situation and encounter. After all, you control how wonderful the life your living is. Make it amazing!

Make it the best day,



Step up

Do something that makes you nervous.

Do something you haven’t done before.

Wake up earlier to go on a walk or bike ride.

Say thank you to everyone who does something nice for you throughout the day.

Challenge yourself daily (physically, mentally, emotionally)

Get outside of your comfort zone.

Do something with passion.



Embrace and get lost in nature.


Take the next step, grow as a person.

Love the rewards.

Make it the best day!


Wednesday Will

Keep the week going strong. The holiday weekend is fast approaching ( we all know you have been thinking about it). This is a good time to focus on the present and what you can do today.

Make a list of things that you know need to get done before the weekend. Write them down and get them taken care of. It will make your weekend more enjoyable and you can focus on having a great time.

It’s easy to look ahead to a long weekend. I am guilty of it! I actually did this yesterday. Having discipline to complete tasks in a timely manner will give you freedom to enjoy everything you are looking forward to!  Try to be as present as possible, even when things are not going great. Live in the present, accomplish your goals and enjoy the life you create with your actions!

Make it the best day!




Workout of the Day

Welcome the official start of Summer!!

Summer can be a tough time to get in a workout outside given the heat. It’s 95 degrees as this is being written! With that in mind here is a body weight Tabata workout you can do indoors if you can’t be outside and not succumb to machine monotony!

Tabata is a form of high intensity work. Regular Tabata is 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times with one exercise (Squats or pushups). However, that can be very tough and boring as well. Below is a modified version of Tabata using more than one exercise and increasing the rest time to make it a little easier. If you are well conditioned you can stick with the 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Otherwise, I would suggest starting with 20 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest. You will rest for 2 minutes after each full Tabata set, then repeat that whole set 4 total times with the full break after each set.

Untraditional Body Weight Tabata Workout:

20 seconds Speed Squat
20 seconds rest
20 seconds Burpees
20 seconds rest
20 seconds Mountain Climber (keep neutral spine)
20 seconds
20 seconds Speed Skips (in place) (lift knee above hip)
20 seconds rest
20 seconds Speed Squat
20 seconds rest
20 seconds Burpees
20 seconds rest
20 seconds Mountain Climber (keep neutral spine)
20 seconds
20 seconds High Knees (in place) (lift knee above hip)

– Rest 2 minutes after going through this set. Repeat the above work and the 2 minute rest 3 more times for a total of 4 sets.

A nice feature of the above workout is you can take it outside early or late evening when it is cooler. You just need a small patch of grass and some motivating tunes!

Make it the best day!


A Simple Experiment

A few days ago, I made a decision. Yes…I made a decision!!!

I thought it was time to start listening to more podcasts and see what all of the fuss was about. Driving over 80 miles a day gives you a chance for some self reflection and personal growth. In my new found desire to be on the podcast train I came across the entrepreneurs section. There were a lot of choices. I went with one featuring Seth Godin.  the podcast was insightful, pleasant and motivating.

Halfway through the interview he said everyone should write a blog for 365 days and see what happens.

I thought about that for a second and then two, three and four seconds.

everyone should write a blog for 365 days and see what happens…

everyone should write a blog for 365 days and see what happens…

everyone should write a blog for 365 days and see what happens…

everyone should write a blog for 365 days and see what happens…

Seth’s reasoning was it will challenge you, drive you, and when you look back there will be a lot of information to look on for growth and knowledge.

Most likely not every post will be New York Times worthy. Nor will it be perfectly punctuated. There are few things I can promise this blog will do.

  1. Utilize the full capabilities of the Performance Movement brand
  2. Encompass not only personal fitness thoughts, but marketing ideas, struggles, achievements, and positive affirmations
  3. I hope it will motivate the reader to pick up some new habits and do something that is challenging in their own realm
  4. Look at everyday as a blessing and ask yourself “How can I make this the best day I have ever lived?”
  5. Finally, have fun. The topics I write about will be all over the board. The thoughts might not always flow so congruently but it will be fun. IT WILL BE FUN!!

Please subscribe and follow along. Every day might not be Aristotle, Seth Godin or Steve Jobs type gems, but if you can pull something small out of it. Then this little experiment will have been well worth it.

Make it the best day!