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Finding your Inspiration

What motivates you?

What do you listen to or read that makes you think, “I am going to CRUSH it today!”

Do you know? If you don’t, find a few things that give you inspiration during a rough day or morning. It can be a book, poster, a friend with encouraging words. Be creative!! How about a picture of you as a kid being a total rockstar?

Find your inspiration. Scream it, hold it, read it, re-read it, embrace it.

To pull one of the best quotes from the movie “The Other Guys”

Let yourself fly!

Make it the best day!


You’re up

Many things can get in the way of our intended purpose for the day. We all know those types of events that stray us from the path and leave that frustrated feeling (traffic, spilled coffee, an argument, deadline missed, deadline approaching, endless travel,)

Accountability has been touched on briefly before and it is here again. No matter the hurdles that appear in our day the ultimate decision on dealing with them comes down to you.

You are up.

You can control how you react to a bad driver. How you react to missing a workout. Being disciplined in your reactions can have a beneficial effect on your overall mood and day.

Step up to the plate. Try to react to an adverse situation without anger and with gratitude. Your body and your mind will thank you. Search for the best in every situation and encounter. After all, you control how wonderful the life your living is. Make it amazing!

Make it the best day,



Step up

Do something that makes you nervous.

Do something you haven’t done before.

Wake up earlier to go on a walk or bike ride.

Say thank you to everyone who does something nice for you throughout the day.

Challenge yourself daily (physically, mentally, emotionally)

Get outside of your comfort zone.

Do something with passion.



Embrace and get lost in nature.


Take the next step, grow as a person.

Love the rewards.

Make it the best day!


Wednesday Will

Keep the week going strong. The holiday weekend is fast approaching ( we all know you have been thinking about it). This is a good time to focus on the present and what you can do today.

Make a list of things that you know need to get done before the weekend. Write them down and get them taken care of. It will make your weekend more enjoyable and you can focus on having a great time.

It’s easy to look ahead to a long weekend. I am guilty of it! I actually did this yesterday. Having discipline to complete tasks in a timely manner will give you freedom to enjoy everything you are looking forward to!  Try to be as present as possible, even when things are not going great. Live in the present, accomplish your goals and enjoy the life you create with your actions!

Make it the best day!




Driving through your fear

Everyone has fear. It can come in many forms.

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of looking “weird”
  • Fear of loss
  • Fear of gain
  • Too many to list here and really they are all the same

At a young age we try everything with no fear. For better or for worse we give it a try. Dancing, singing, picking up things, throwing things. Along the way our “Lizard brain” (thank you Seth Godin for bringing it to my attention) is responsible for our primitive survival instincts, think fight or flight..or FEAR!

Constantly telling us we can’t do what we want. The lizard brain affects us because it doesn’t like achievement, risk or change. It holds us back from what we really want. You can only overcome it once you are aware of it. Well the good thing is…you are now!!

Think about a time you were scared or nervous to do something new. Then once you did it  you wanted to do it again and again?! The lizard brain was scared of this new idea and wanted to hold you back. However, once you achieved it the rest of your body said “That was amazing Kev, let’s do that again!!!”

I am not going to say what you need to do to overcome your fear. One reason is because everyone has different fear for different reasons. The other is if you take my advice and then it doesn’t work….you are going to say “Well, Kevin said to try this and it didn’t work. I can’t do this. I am going to stop trying” (That isn’t Extreme Ownership, which we can learn from Jocko Willink. We will discuss that later in this blog 🙂

Think about what is holding you back from doing something you love. Nervous about the reactions from others? What will others think? Will I do it wrong? Will I be rejected?


Everyone has something they are scared of in their life. Holding them back from success in  either business or in their personal life. Step up to the plate, overcome your lizard brain and achieve things you never thought possible!

Only you can make changes to your life. You hold the key to overcoming your fear. Put a smile on, get pumped and achieve!

Make it a great day!