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The Best Things To Do Before You Exercise

If you have a trainer that you meet with regularly or not so regularly you know it is important to get the most out of your time and money that you have invested. All too often clients come in unprepared to get the most of our their session. It essentially turns into wasted time for the client and the trainer.

It can be a myriad of factors some out of your control and some within your control that lead to not being 100% for the session. Today we are going to look at a few things that are crucial to getting the most our of your training. These will be tips to best prepare your body and also how to get the most out of your trainer when you are training.

These tips also apply to your workouts with friends or your own personal workout. It is important to be properly fueled and prepared every time you exercise.

Come to your session prepared, mentally and physically.

Sleep – It is always important to get a good nights sleep. I know it can be tough with things out of your control. However, if you shoot for six to eight hours your body will be rested and ready to take on the challenge of your workout.

Ideally the following hydration and food recommendations would occur up to two hours before your planned exercise session.

Hydrate – Drink water before your session and take sips about every 15 minutes while you are exercising. This is easier if you workout in the afternoon or evening. If you workout really early in the morning (Good for you!) try drinking a full glass of water once you wake up.

Drink the water...drink the water
Drink the water…drink the water

Proper Food – You can eat some healthy carbohydrates here. The following are some good options that are on the lighter side, low-fat or fat free greek or regular yogurt, oats, banana (add a little peanut or almond butter to it), a piece of whole grain bread with lunch meat.

If you only have a 5 – 10 minutes to eat something go with an apple or banana. Those fast digestions carbohydrates will help fuel your workout.

Foods to Avoid – You want to avoid foods with fats and also foods with too much protein. These foods take longer to digest and may make your stomach uncomfortable during intense exercise. Once you start exercising with a high intensity your blood flow goes to your muscles that are working. Thus, leaving the high fat food just sitting in your stomach like a rock. There is reduced blood flow to the stomach to break down this food while you workout.

Warmup – Get a warmup in before your session starts. They are important to making sure your body is ready to handle the demands you are about to place on it. If your trainer has you do specific movements to get ready, do those before you meet. This will save 5 minutes at the beginning of the session and you can be ready to jump right into the workout for the day! The warmup should get your heart rate up and maybe even have you sweating a little bit. It can be anything from walking up an incline, riding a stationary bike or running at a moderate pace.

Take advantage of every second with your trainer by getting this out of the way before your designated time slot!

Things to do during your workout.

Hydrate – As mentioned earlier it is important to stay hydrated! I recommend my clients take a small sip of water every 15 minutes.  With this time table they stay hydrated but don’t drink so much water at once that they feel like there is an ocean in their stomach. We have all been there and that is not good when you are on your last ab set!

Ask Questions! – I encourage all my clients to ask questions about certain movements or as to why we are doing things in a certain order. If you have a trainer and you ask questions and they don’t know the answer……change trainers! You are paying for the session so use us as a knowledge base. Did your friend show you a great ab exercise and you want to know if it is effective? Ask! We are in this business to help educate you and help you along your fitness journey. Bring questions of all types and pepper some into your workout.

Stay Focused – It can be very easy to get sidetracked and begin talking about your weekend plans for 5 minutes. We have all done it and sometimes it just happens. However, try to keep that conversation as succinct as possible during your breaks. We program a lot of your workouts based on rest intervals so it is crucial you stay as close to those as possible to achieve your results.


Sparkle Shirt Optional
Sparkle Shirt Optional

Exercise is about feeling good and having fun. So meet up with your trainer or your friend or get in by yourself. Whichever method you choose, enjoy it! It is the hour of the day you get to focus all on yourself! Take advantage of the time to yourself and get healthy at the same time!

Fuel up and take on your workout!

Pump Up Your Playlist

We can almost all agree, the music we choose sets the tone for our workout. A recent study showed that participants who got to listen to music of their choice performed better in their workouts. Over the group who either listened to no music or the group who listened to music they didn’t like.

In essence we need our music or genre to drive our success in the gym on most days!

So below is a list of songs you may or may not have heard of. I have sorted them by genre to make it a little easier to choose what you might like. That way you don’t have to plug and play all of them to find out what kind of jam it is!

I hope you enjoy these songs and perhaps you will find two, three, or ten songs to add to your playlist! I have tried to pick songs you might not already be rocking out to.


Adelitas Way – Invincible

Anberlin – Self-Starter

Anberlin – Someone Anyone

Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?

Beware Of Darkness – Howl

Greek Fire – Down in Mexico

The Raconteurs – Salute Your Solution

West Water Outlaws – Caught in the Headlights

Wolfmother – Woman

Wolfmother – Joker and the Theif

Hip Hop:

Eminem – The Monster

Fort Minor – Remember The Name

Kanye West – POWER

Lupe Fiasco – Around My Way [Freedom Ain’t Free]

Travis Barker ft. Pharrell and Lupe Fiasco – If You Want To

X-Ambassadors – Jungle  – (Personal favorite, 2014 World Cup Song)


Kaskade ft Neon Trees – Lessons in Love

Pendulum – Crush

Pretty Lights – I Know The Truth

Ratatat- Loud Pipes

Sleigh Bells – Comeback Kid

Swedish House Mafia – One

Best Song to Run to:

Woodkid – Run Boy Run (Instrumental)

Those are some of the tracks that I have been recently turning up to 11. Whatever song gets you going is the best one for the day. So hit the play button and turn it up.

What songs get you motivated? What genre drives your workouts?




Finish The Week Strong

It’s only Thursday?

Does this feel like you today?
Does this feel like you today?
You feel like you want to sleep until the weekend? Do you want to walk back and forth to the copier while staring at the floor both directions? Or will you just post to Facebook about how it’s only Thursday and this week sucks?

There are a lot of options here. How about one that hasn’t been mentioned.

Turn it around!!

The worst feeling in the world is not getting enough sleep and knowing you have a 10 hour day laid out in front of you. You are tired, cranky, and feel worse then this guy.

Don't be this guy.
Don’t be this guy.

So here is a list of surefire ways to turn your day around, and since I like things to be organized it’s an easy to follow list!

1. Smile. Even if it just to yourself at your desk, while you stare at the wall.

2. Say good morning to people. This goes a long way to losing those grumpy pants. Most people will smile in return thus getting us back to step one!

3. Listen to your favorite song song. Optional extra credit is to sing or dance along. It will get those feel good endorphins going and put you on the path to mood boosting.

C2C – Happy

4. Send a random and weird picture to one of your best friends.  The response will be priceless. Most of the time.


5.  Stand out in the sun for five minuets. This is a great one to pair with number three. SUNSHINE boosts levels of serotonin – the body’s natural happy hormone. That’s why we tend to feel happier and more energetic when the sun shines.

6. Say “Thank You” to someone who holds the door for you or does anything that was a pleasant surprise. Most likely a smile will follow and using manners is always wonderful.

7 “When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails”

– H. Jackson Brown Jr.

I love this quote. It gives you the power to make your day better even if what put you in a crummy mood is out of your control.

8. Find something that smells good. Then smell it! Things like lemon, fresh fruit, just mowed grass, or basil.  Anything fresh and bright will do. It will wake up your brain and bring a smile to your face.

9. Eat some of the following foods. They have been shown to beat stress and a grumpy mood. Eggs, dark leafy greens like kale, pumpkin seeds, fish rich in omega 3 such as salmon, flaxseed, and dark chocolate.

10. Stuck at your desk or you can’t seem to do any of the above. Watch this Video (you’re going to need four minutes) or tune into your favorite funny video.

11. Workout! It will increase your blood flow and give you more energy to make it through these last few days of the week.

Whatever method you choose, whether it’s from the list or not OWN IT! Make it turn your day around. Have it empower you to smile and make other peoples’ days that much better. Instead of being the office grump be a day maker.

Use your powerful energy to make the most out of any situation. With just a few simple tricks you can turn that frown upside down. Sorry I had to put that in here somewhere.