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Re-ignite your fire

Has there been motivation lacking in your daily routine? Has your inner fire subsided?

Re-ignite that fire. Find your passion again. What is something you do every week that makes you excited? What makes you jump up and down and get giddy?

Sit down and think about this. What puts the smile on your face?

Find that and create around it. Re-ignite your fire in the area that you desire. Even if it only starts once per week, build on that. Make your life exciting again. Create the life you want to live and live it everyday to the fullest.

Make it the best day!


Highs and lows

When we look at any chart or our lives we see ups and downs. Very rarely, if ever, are people or businesses on a straight trajectory up. Constant gains, always acquiring clients, never experiencing downtowns or hitting your numbers every month is hard to sustain over a two to five-year time frame.

How we deal with the lows, determines how quickly we get back to our even or back to our upward movement. Some lows are harder to come out than others. No matter how long the lull may be, it is important to start back up with a plan.

A plan that can start small and increase over the coming months. Make sure your short-term and intermediate goals are achievable, knowing that you would prefer a longer term, upward moving positive trend. That will be more beneficial over the sharp upturns, which ultimately lead to the same speed of down turns.

There are always highs and always low. Celebrate them all, but always have a plan when the lows come. It will make the journey back to positive that much more enjoyable.

Make it the best day!


The sun is up

If you’re reading this, you woke up…YES!!

Now it’s time to get to work. The sun is up and we have a checklist of things to accomplish, personally and professionally.

This may not be the ideal situation you wanted to be in at the beginning of the week, or the beginning of the month. However, here we are.

Let’s lock it down and be the change we want to see in the world. Follow you passion. Make your voice heard in the most productive way possible. Encourage a movement to make progress. As a citizen of this great country we can make a difference. Social media makes it easier to mobilize and make headway in your cause.

Take our individual fires and create greatness for today, tomorrow and permanently moving forward.

Make it the best day!


Emotional response

An email comes through with some not so nice things to say about a product, experience, or a recent transaction from a client. What is the first thing you do?

Most likely it is get a little irritated and want to respond with a lot of “I’m right and you’re wrong” type statements. Those might be good for grade school but in business we need to make decisions with a clear mind and separate feelings from a response.

If we responded with our emotional reaction every time, chances are we would end up in a lot of arguments and lose clients. A good way to start a response is to look at the facts and take your time. Do not respond in 5 minutes or even 30 minutes. Take a couple of hours to let your emotions come back to baseline.

Also remember, we don’t know what is going on in our clients life. They could have an extremely stressful day and you happened to take brunt of it (which is not the way to go, but that is another conversation)

Take a couple of hours to formulate a response. Remember to keep emotions out of the email and remain cordial. Use facts and offer more assistance.  The more help you offer, the more difficult it becomes for the other person to push anger towards you.

Always try to keep your emotions in check when dealing with business relationships. It will help keep client relationships strong and show you can be counted on to deliver a solid customer service experience.

Make it the best day!


Nail in your tire

A nail in your tire. Something you normally can’t fix yourself and leaves you in momentary lurch for between 20 minutes and 3 hours. (Depending on what kind of assistance service you have or when this nail decided to strike)

The tire is running flat and you need a repair. You can’t drive on it, so now, all your days plans take a backseat. This is a frustrating time. Chances are when the alarm went off you didn’t think..”How will I deal with the flat tire today?!”

This scenario plays across our daily lives more than we think. It might not be a nail in your tire to change your day, it can be a meeting cancellation, lost wallet, sudden complaint from a high priority client.

All of the above situations are curveballs we didn’t see coming when we greeted the day. How we deal with these moments will define the rest of the day and the way you feel. Find gratitude in the event that just took place. In most cases, it can always be worse. Find the positive and reflect on that. Make plans to overcome the disturbance with minimal day interruption and adjust your day the best you can. It won’t be the “perfect” day we had imagined, but how you overcome and move on will determine how you feel and act for the rest of the day.

Remain focused on gratitude and positives that you are currently experiencing. That will help make that nail in your tire just a small bump in an otherwise successful day in your great life.

Make it the best day!


Over the top celebration

Over the top does not equal moderation. Moderation is the key to maintaining and living a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep in moderation

Eat in moderation

Drink in moderation

Exercise in moderation

Anything can be overdone and have negative effects on the body. Enjoy your workouts, don’t let them run your life. Have a glass of wine, but don’t let the bottle derail your diet goals. Maintain a s good sleep schedule to avoid over sleeping and becoming too tired during the day.

Enjoy life to the fullest by practicing moderation.

Make it the best day!


Second guessing

Was the result the desired outcome? Should you have invested more or less time and money? I wish I could go back and do something different.

That’s second guessing. We look back and see what we would have done differently, however that is done with new information at our disposal. That is the kicker.

We second guess when we have new information or we have seen a result or lack thereof. You made a decision based on the best information you had at the time. If that decision can’t be changed after learning new information, then live with it. You made the best choice you could have at that time. Learn from the experience if necessary, but don’t beat yourself up. It is a useless exercise and will only hinder your future growth.

If you learn more information after you have made a decision and you DO have the ability to change or alter your course. Then do it, don’t be stubborn and stick to your old decision. This is close to a sunk cost, but unlike a sunk cost, there is an opportunity here to change course and be successful.

If you made a decision and can’t change it after the fact, live with your decision and don’t beat yourself up.

If you made a decision and new information then arises that causes you to change your previous thought process; then change your course and adapt.

Make it the best day!



No matter how big or tiny they might seem. An achievement is important and should be acknowledged. We strive to hit our goals everyday. Celebrate the victories and feel good about them!

Don’t write off an achievement as meaningless or too small. Every little one counts and can lead to bigger and better things.

Big goals are achieved by small achievements. Let’s celebrate them all!

Make it the best day!



Take action before you speak. Words are rendered useless if there is no follow-up in actual action.

Talk enough about what you are doing or making happen with no actual results and that will ultimately reflect poorly on your reputation. You want your friends and family to trust you and take you at your word. Knowing that if you do say something, it gets backed up.

Start practicing doing instead of saying. See how many more things you get accomplished. Then also look and see how many people actually recognized what you did! Even when you didn’t talk it up to begin with.

Make it the best day!


Path of best resistance

Our bodies will take the path of least resistance to complete a movement. We will take that same path to achieve a goal. However, we will encounter resistance along many of the roads we travel. Some of this is good and some deter us from our end goal or delay the process.

How can we search out the path that gives us the best resistance? The path that allows for constructive criticism to improve our product or service. The path where resistance shapes us for the better and challenges our current thought process.

If you surround yourself with critical thinkers and friends & colleagues who won’t just say yes, but say, why? You create a path with resistance, but now you are learning, growing and creating a product or service that will deliver at a higher level because of critical input.

Make it the best day!