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Jump the hurdle

The big deal you have been working on didn’t go your way. What do you do now?

Create a story about why it didn’t happen and bemoan the fact you are back at square one? Continue to sulk until you get enough people to feel sorry for you?


Acknowledge it does kind of suck. Realize it happened and now focus on overcoming this challenge to meet your original goal?

You can create a story and look for pity or you can create a new reality and make your previously set goals a reality.

Too often we get caught up in writing our own stories about an event that happens in our life. We replay that over and over until we have complained to enough people or finally want to move on. That can be a long time.

Regardless of how long that time may be, don’t get stuck in your story. Focus on your end goal and learn from what happened.

This experience won’t define you or your success, how you react to it will.

Make it the best day!