Do you have mobility?

Functional Mobility: The ability to actively achieve a range of motion (actively is defined as: Flexibility + Strength/Control)

Some people have flexibility and can get into many positions and move their limbs all sorts of ways.  That is good, but how many of them can CONTROL those large ranges of motions? Can they produce force in those ranges of motion?

What good is having flexibility, if you can’t actively control those ranges or produce force? Essentially you can move into a big stretch position, but if you’re asked to produce force and or drive with force out of that position….you can’t….

That is where the disconnect is. We all have gaps between where our flexibility ends and our functional mobility begins.

To bridge that gap we use, Functional Range Conditioning  (FRC).  FRC allows us to get in touch with our joints and figure out where our range ends and how to produce force in the beginning and ending points of our personal flexibility.  If we want to minimize injury and move better, we all need more functional mobility.

If you’re curious as to your current state of functional mobility, drop us a line. We can make an assessment for your current needs/sport. Make the necessary changes and give you a program for becoming stronger throughout your entire flexibility curve.

Make it the best day!