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Emotional response

An email comes through with some not so nice things to say about a product, experience, or a recent transaction from a client. What is the first thing you do?

Most likely it is get a little irritated and want to respond with a lot of “I’m right and you’re wrong” type statements. Those might be good for grade school but in business we need to make decisions with a clear mind and separate feelings from a response.

If we responded with our emotional reaction every time, chances are we would end up in a lot of arguments and lose clients. A good way to start a response is to look at the facts and take your time. Do not respond in 5 minutes or even 30 minutes. Take a couple of hours to let your emotions come back to baseline.

Also remember, we don’t know what is going on in our clients life. They could have an extremely stressful day and you happened to take brunt of it (which is not the way to go, but that is another conversation)

Take a couple of hours to formulate a response. Remember to keep emotions out of the email and remain cordial. Use facts and offer more assistance.  The more help you offer, the more difficult it becomes for the other person to push anger towards you.

Always try to keep your emotions in check when dealing with business relationships. It will help keep client relationships strong and show you can be counted on to deliver a solid customer service experience.

Make it the best day!


Enjoy your moment

Sunday afternoon in the sun.  Being with people you care about.

Phone on silent, sitting in pleasant conversation and silence.

That’s being in the moment. You can’t beat it.

Make it the best day!





In a conversation we are either listening or we are not. We can be thinking about what happened during our day and just waiting for our turn to talk.

Turn your conversations today into one-sided conversations. I don’t mean that by talking the entire time. I mean that by listening and asking thoughtful and intelligent questions.

Listen to what your conversational parter is actually talking about. Don’t wait for your time to speak, but ask thoughtful questions that will further the conversation.

Attempt to listen today. You will be surprised at what you actually hear.

Make it the best day!



Text message. Sent

Email. Sent

Snapchat. Shared

Facebook post. Shared

When is the last time you made a phone call to someone who is close to you?

We often get caught up in the simple and easy electronic form of communication. Saying we are too busy for a phone call or they probably don’t want to talk anyway.

Connect with your loved ones with a phone call. Especially if you are in a different state.  Reach out and make that connection again. Haven’t talked to a friend in a while? How about a call, not a text.

Make communication personal again and engage with who you care about. You’ll be surprised how good it might make you feel.

Make it the best day!