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Crowd funding

A band that I enjoy listening to recently decided to put out another album. However, they did not want to go through the record labels and all the shenanigans that come along with that.  They decided to do a crowd funding campaign to pay for their studio time and it’s really neat.

This is the second band I follow to do this. They started this movement yesterday and they are already at 75% of their goal. That is the power of fans and a unique marketing angle.

What makes crowd funding an interesting concept?

It’s not the fact that people donate money and get a cd. Anyone can do that, it is about the cool features that you get if you help fund the artist.

A quick example, is you can get a signed guitar from the band or you can get up on stage and play a song with them. If you are so inclined you can buy a package and they will name a song after you!

Those packages just scratch the service, but it hits at a larger point.

They create unique experiences and price them as such. Create a limited supply and post them on their crowd funding website.

Unique experience – check

Limited supply – check

Reward fans for loyalty – check

Maintain artistic freedom when creating a new record – check

Thinking outside the box to drive loyal customers to your product – check

They didn’t take the usual, trampled, crowded and beaten road to “success.”  Maybe we shouldn’t either.

Make it the best day!


New Music

We came across a free concert last night. The artist was talented and the setting was incredible.

Band Of Heathens

All of the above combined for a pretty unique and fantastic experience. I hope you enjoy the music as much as we did!

Make it the best day!


Music to get you back on track this week

It was a long holiday weekend, how do we possibly get going again into the work week?!

With great music!! Here are some bands that have really got me going again this week. Hope you enjoy!

The Temperance Movement (New CD coming out July 15th)

The Temper Trap

Kings of Leon – Holy Roller Novocaine

Iration – Time Bomb

Moreland & Arbuckle – Tall Boogie

Revivalists – Bulletproof

Make it the best day!


Pump Up Your Playlist

We can almost all agree, the music we choose sets the tone for our workout. A recent study showed that participants who got to listen to music of their choice performed better in their workouts. Over the group who either listened to no music or the group who listened to music they didn’t like.

In essence we need our music or genre to drive our success in the gym on most days!

So below is a list of songs you may or may not have heard of. I have sorted them by genre to make it a little easier to choose what you might like. That way you don’t have to plug and play all of them to find out what kind of jam it is!

I hope you enjoy these songs and perhaps you will find two, three, or ten songs to add to your playlist! I have tried to pick songs you might not already be rocking out to.


Adelitas Way – Invincible

Anberlin – Self-Starter

Anberlin – Someone Anyone

Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?

Beware Of Darkness – Howl

Greek Fire – Down in Mexico

The Raconteurs – Salute Your Solution

West Water Outlaws – Caught in the Headlights

Wolfmother – Woman

Wolfmother – Joker and the Theif

Hip Hop:

Eminem – The Monster

Fort Minor – Remember The Name

Kanye West – POWER

Lupe Fiasco – Around My Way [Freedom Ain’t Free]

Travis Barker ft. Pharrell and Lupe Fiasco – If You Want To

X-Ambassadors – Jungle  – (Personal favorite, 2014 World Cup Song)


Kaskade ft Neon Trees – Lessons in Love

Pendulum – Crush

Pretty Lights – I Know The Truth

Ratatat- Loud Pipes

Sleigh Bells – Comeback Kid

Swedish House Mafia – One

Best Song to Run to:

Woodkid – Run Boy Run (Instrumental)

Those are some of the tracks that I have been recently turning up to 11. Whatever song gets you going is the best one for the day. So hit the play button and turn it up.

What songs get you motivated? What genre drives your workouts?