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Transactional or relationship

Transactional client or relationship client, which one does your business cater to? Which one does your business want?!

Are you looking to be the lowest price and beat the 50 other widgets based on cost alone? Or are you building a relationship, crafting a story and pricing with integrity?

Business transactions are largely¬†relationship based. Build a relationship with trust and watch how business flows. When trust is built, the price pain-point seems to magically go away. However, it’s not magic. The client knows what they want, has trust in you to deliver and you do. Plus, you deliver with follow-up. It’s not magic, it’s being true to your brand.

Once you deliver and create your client relationships you can charge what you are worth. The¬†hardest parts of business is the pricing model, when it involves time, travel and personal service. You need to get paid appropriately for your service, but don’t want the price to be “too high”.

Once you connect with your client on a personal level and build the relationship, you make what you’re worth. The best part is, everyone is happy.

Great service, dependable people and desired results. That is the ‘magic’ of a relationship client.

Make it the best day!