Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)


FRC is a system that is tailored to improving individuals joint capabilities and functions. Perhaps you have had an injury and you just are not moving ‘quite right’ still. Something feels stiff or tight in your body, FRC helps us address those issues.

  • Assess: Focus on finding movement limitations and where the root of any pain is coming from with a joint-by-joint assessment. This is really an eye opener to what needs to be worked on and provides a clear roadmap for progress. 
  • Expand: Discover where your body is capable of going by increasing current ranges of motion and joint capacity. Develop confidence in your movement to safely, efficiently and effectively see what your body is capable of.
  • Control: Learn to harness your newly acquired ranges of motion and control for infinite degrees of freedom of movement.


  • Improve body control, flexibility, strength, and quality of life
  • Relieve nagging aches and pains
  • Increase sports performance
  • Reduce future injury
  • Open up new ranges of motion
  • Create healthy joints and muscles
  • Learn how to self-assess your joint health
  • Expand breathing capacity for better nervous system control


FRC is for anyone looking to build a foundation so they can continue to go and do all of the other sports, training or daily activities that they want.

FRC is the building block for a well rounded program geared for your success!

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