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Control everything! (or not)

We wake up each day with the intention of having the best day we can. In some cases we carry on pretty well. In others, we have to fight through muck and keep our eyes downstream.

Each day we can only control so much. Certain decisions are completely above us or out of our scope and control. It’s those days that are hardest.  How do we keep a positive outlook when we can’t control anything?

It is during these times that paying it forward and being the best human you can be on an individual level matters the most. How you treat the grocery clerk, your next customer, your boyfriend or girlfriend or best friend. Every day interactions count in the big picture.  Just like doing exercise for 10 minutes a day adds up over 365 days, being kind, loving and living with gratitude adds up every day.

Not everything will be in our control.  It hinders us on an individual level if we let those instances fuel anger or negative emotions.

Once you have determined your best course of action, remain positive! Don’t let anger override your best intentions that you set for the day. Remember that you have to live with yourself all day and the decisions that you ultimately make.

Help make those decisions the best ones possible for your life and the community around you. Stay positive, pay it forward, be nice and live with gratitude. Then you are truly in control.

Make it the best day!


Live with love

No matter what happens, we need to live with love and gratitude. The only way we can see change in the world is to treat everyone better.

If we are divided, then we can not move forward.

Treat everyone with respect, love and gratitude. That will go farther than hate, name calling and grandiose verbiage ever will.

Live with love.

Make it the best day!


Emotional response

An email comes through with some not so nice things to say about a product, experience, or a recent transaction from a client. What is the first thing you do?

Most likely it is get a little irritated and want to respond with a lot of “I’m right and you’re wrong” type statements. Those might be good for grade school but in business we need to make decisions with a clear mind and separate feelings from a response.

If we responded with our emotional reaction every time, chances are we would end up in a lot of arguments and lose clients. A good way to start a response is to look at the facts and take your time. Do not respond in 5 minutes or even 30 minutes. Take a couple of hours to let your emotions come back to baseline.

Also remember, we don’t know what is going on in our clients life. They could have an extremely stressful day and you happened to take brunt of it (which is not the way to go, but that is another conversation)

Take a couple of hours to formulate a response. Remember to keep emotions out of the email and remain cordial. Use facts and offer more assistance.  The more help you offer, the more difficult it becomes for the other person to push anger towards you.

Always try to keep your emotions in check when dealing with business relationships. It will help keep client relationships strong and show you can be counted on to deliver a solid customer service experience.

Make it the best day!



Downtime can be relaxing, rewarding and wasted. Depending on the mood you are in or the place you are at. Make your downtime count. Complete your to-do list. Finish the book you have been reading or if it is R&R you’re after…enjoy it.

Try not to settle into wasting your precious time by scrolling through endless web pages. Make progress in an area of your life. That can be recovery, re-charging or learning.

Downtime can be hard to come by. Make the most of it.

Make it the best day!


Second guessing

Was the result the desired outcome? Should you have invested more or less time and money? I wish I could go back and do something different.

That’s second guessing. We look back and see what we would have done differently, however that is done with new information at our disposal. That is the kicker.

We second guess when we have new information or we have seen a result or lack thereof. You made a decision based on the best information you had at the time. If that decision can’t be changed after learning new information, then live with it. You made the best choice you could have at that time. Learn from the experience if necessary, but don’t beat yourself up. It is a useless exercise and will only hinder your future growth.

If you learn more information after you have made a decision and you DO have the ability to change or alter your course. Then do it, don’t be stubborn and stick to your old decision. This is close to a sunk cost, but unlike a sunk cost, there is an opportunity here to change course and be successful.

If you made a decision and can’t change it after the fact, live with your decision and don’t beat yourself up.

If you made a decision and new information then arises that causes you to change your previous thought process; then change your course and adapt.

Make it the best day!


The ultimate tool

Our attitude is a key indicator as to how we handle a given situation. Yes, having a good attitude about your current state is important. However, it comes back to mindset when looking at the ultimate tool for success.

What is your present moment mindset? What is your mindset about your upcoming tasks?

Having an open mindset that readily accepts learning new things and the understanding that you can always adapt is important. We are learning everyday.

The most powerful tool you can have is a positive mindset.

Make it the best day!


Hang in there

Many situations arise where moods can change in a moment. How we deal with these mood and feeling swings will impact our emotional outcome.

It is hard to stay calm when an unexpected situation arises. Breathe, find your center and try focus on your desired outcome (not the run around you are getting from the customer service reps on the phone). It is hard to stay calm, but try to remember the service rep most likely didn’t contribute to the issue.

They are there to help resolve, so speak with calm tone and try to make their day. Rest assured they have plenty of people who give them attitude the whole day….

Stay calm, outcome focused, and confident that the situation will turn in your favor.

If it doesn’t, remain positive find the lesson that can be learned.

Make it the best day!


Exit Strategy

You’ve made progress in your work and personal life. The goals you set out to achieve you accomplished, after long hours and stressful days.

Now what?

Re-set your goals to achieve a higher income level or more clients? What if this is the end of the current journey and you want to taper it down?

An exit strategy is needed. Not just a move that will drop you on your face but a strategic plan that is congruent with you life goals and objectives. This is as true for the workplace as it is for the market place with your retirement. How do you plan on living comfortably after your working days are done?

Have you planned for the exit in a smooth graceful (duck landing in the water way) or more like a fish trying to jump out of the water?

As uncomfortable as a thought as it may be at times, have an exit strategy waiting. You never know when you will need it. If life throws you a curveball and the exit plan is necessary, there will be much less stress knowing you already have one.

Make it the best day!


Keep your head up

No matter what your goals may be there are roadblocks and hurdles. Little things that try stop or hinder you from your goal.

This may go on for 1,2 or 3 months. However, if you keep your intent positive and do the little things that you know will help achieve your goal, you will make it!!

Take the smallest victories on your way to your big goal. If a hurdle pops up, face it with the intent of learning and progressing. By keeping a positive outlook in the face of adversity not only will it make the journey a lot better, but it will make the victory that much sweeter!!

Keep your head up. Have an open mindset every day. Remember. yesterday’s successes or hurdles are in the past. If we truly want to reach our goals we need to treat everyday as new and wonderful opportunity. (Because it is 🙂

Make it the best day!