“For most of my childhood and adult life, it has been hard for me to maintain a balanced body weight, comparable to my height.  While I never hated my physical appearance, there has always been a little bit of insecurity with being under weight / skinny.

In January 2014 I was offered the opportunity to have Kevin Kieras train me and help build strength and muscle mass.  At that time, I weighed 150lbs.  My goal, was to put on 15lbs by June 1st (5 months).  In working out two days a week with Kevin, and not changing a whole lot else, I weighed in at 166lbs on May 1st, which was a month ahead of schedule.

Without Kevin pushing me, there is no way I could have achieved this on my own, given my busy work and family schedule.  He listened to my needs, where I wanted to be, and took me there.  For me, there isn’t a dollar amount that can be put on those kind of results.  Training with someone who will push me to my limits will remain a part of my life far into the future.” – Andy M.


“Training with Kevin is a true pleasure. He listens to me and understands what my goals are, and works hard to create programming to help me achieve my fitness goals without further injuring my back.

Each session with him flew by,  because he kept me busy working hard while having fun. His good nature and sense of humor are huge bonuses. Kevin is a very knowledgeable fitness professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to trainees of any age or any fitness level.  He will meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be.”  – Kim F.


“Kevin has been coaching me for just a few months now, but he was able to provide invaluable guidance towards my running form and immediately pinpoint the right exercises for nagging back pain due to computer use that was making working out harder. He is also able to find the right balance between pushing me to do my best and understanding the limits. I wholeheartedly recommend him to all my friends.”  – Dimitri D.


“When I started working out with Kevin I was almost at 200 lbs, the heaviest I’d ever been in my life. Within a year I was down to 185 and while that doesn’t seem like an extreme weight loss, more importantly, I replaced fat with solid muscle and was definitely in the best shape I’d been since childhood.

Not only did Kevin help me transform my body, he also addressed nagging physical problems such a back and shoulder pain that physical therapy didn’t help. I’ve now been pain free for over a year and I’m convinced it’s due to his technique and excellent understanding of the human musculature.

Besides all that, he is a very funny guy and will have you cracking up all the while you just want to die because he’s kicking your ass. Great trainer, great results!”  – Steve F


“I have not worked out since high school and decided to start slow at home in December.  I decided to join Rally Sport in February and shortly after met Kevin.  He was a  personable individual and approached me during a workout.  Setting up a time discuss my goals was simple and we started to establish a routine immediately.  Kevin’s knowledge in helping me establish my goal set forth a path that has kept me easily motivated.

Kevin is a ton of fun and makes working out enjoyable.  I believe Kevin has a vast knowledge base in deciding what exercise are best for you and can push you without fear of injury.  I almost immediately started to notice results in my bike racing and in a few short months can barely believe the results.  I feel much more confident out there on my bike and the overall transformation of my health has also benefited me in my personal and professional life.” -Will R

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