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Dark mornings, great workouts

Before daylight savings time sets in, the sun is rising at what seems like 10am. Have no fear, it is actually only 7:12am if you’re in Colorado!

With the dark and cool mornings it’s hard to shake yourself out of a peaceful slumber. However, if you are consistent with a bed time and rise and shine time the process gets much easier.

Once you have that nailed down, it’s time to get moving. There is no better way to get the blood pumping and wake you up then some exercise. Get out for a walk, head to the gym,  do some in-house Yoga. Whatever your exercise of choice is…DO IT!!

Burn the extra calories and give your body the energy boost it needs to combat the dark fall mornings.

Make it the best day!


Unplug weekend

The weekend is here and it’s that time again to…unplug!

Pick a day or two this weekend to set the phone down, leave it inside. Turn the iPad off and get outside into nature. The weather is quickly becoming prime for exploring and getting good exercise.

If you decide to take the weekend off from electronics then read both of this weekend’s blog posts on Monday! The body always needs a reset and same goes for the mind.

Take in the sights and sounds of nature this weekend.

Unplug from your devices, connect to nature.

Make it the best day!


Relax and Unwind

Weekends are a great time to relax and unwind. It is the perfect moment to unplug from your phone, iWatch, computer, tablet, TV. Doing this could be tough, but it has its rewards.

Take some time for yourself outside of electronics.

It’s important to take a break from the electronics from time to time. Try to do a full day. When the sun is out go out for a walk. Leave the headphones at home and enjoy the sounds of nature. Take mental photos and enjoy a conversation with a friend.

Connect with the outdoors at least once a week. Your body and mind will thank you.

Make it the best day!


Short on Time and Energy?

I am too tired to work out today.

Is it only Wednesday…ahhhhh….

Do you feel like this today?
Do you feel like this today?

Yep, we have all said those before! I am willing to bet you made that statement before reading this blog. Or perhaps yesterday after you just worked for 12 hours and the copier broke after you spilled hot coffee on your lap, all while trying to nail down your next meeting.

I get it, fitting time to exercise can feel hard some days and some weeks. The key is staying on top of it and making a habit of at least two days a week. Why do I say two days? My belief is that if you start at something you can achieve those two days will turn into three or four. As your habit builds, so will the results and your investment in your health will be worth it.

The first few minutes are the hardest.

That is true, the first bit of getting your heart rate and body going are the most difficult. Depending on your choice of movement for the day after five or ten minutes you are going to start feeling better and want to finish what you started.

Once your heart rate picks up to compensate for your change in intensity, your blood flow will increase and so will your energy.

Researchers at the University of Georgia found that sedentary, otherwise healthy adults who engaged in as little as 20 minutes of low-to-moderate aerobic exercise, three days a week for six consecutive weeks, reported feeling less fatigued and more energized.

The more you can get into a routine with consistent exercise the more energy you will have on a daily basis. Not only will that exercise session give you energy for that day, it can carry over to the following day and help you get a head start on the next morning!

The next time you want to sit down on the couch and just ‘relax’ think about going for a short walk. Enjoy what this summer has to offer and feel better doing it!

Make it the best day!





Dynamic Duo Workout

We all know how hard it can be to get up and get moving on your own. We also know how much easier it is once we have someone to motivate and encourage us. That can be a coach, trainer, friend, anyone really!

The point is having someone to hold you accountable and help you succeed is huge, whether you are starting or maintaining your fitness program.

Today we are going to focus on fun games and things that you can do with a partner if you have little or no access to equipment. These are workouts you can do in the park, by the beach or anywhere with a little open space. The key to all of this is to remember, it should be fun! Your imagination is the only thing that will limit the games you can come up with. The only goal should be to stay active for 30 minutes ( that includes your rest periods!)

Workout 1 – Catch me if you can

– Find an area such as a park or beach where you can easily mark out either two lanes or a small oval.

– Then proceed to do the following with the distance of your choice

– Time down and back or around for person A, then they rest and time person B

– See who has the best time, then repeat this with the following intervals

– 2 times around or down and back, 3 times, 4 times, 5 times.

– After the 5th round descend back down to 1 going 4,3,2,1.

– Your rest times should increase as your intensity increases.

To make it really fun, race with the person on the descending rounds!

Bragging rights and high fives to the victor!

Workout 2 – Partner jog with Sprints

– Head out like your normally would for a jog with your partner or dog (they love these!)

– As you jog each person will designate a time to sprint, as you go. Switch back and forth until each person has a had 5 turns. So you will have done 10 total sprints. If doing this with your dog you will have to call their sprints out.

– It is as simple as yelling “GO!” The sprints should be short enough to give 80-90% effort for the entire length.

– Try to pick even terrain, but bonus points if you choose a hill to climb on the sprint.

These are just two different ways to add some variety and fun to your outdoor workouts. You have the freedom to create any workout from a simple start point. The more creative you can be the more fun you will have. Bring more people in the mix and make it a workout for 3, 4 or even five of your friends!