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Daylight savings

Don’t forget it ends tonight!

Enjoy the extra hour of sleep.

Make it the best day!



Are you working enough?

Hmmm…that is an interesting question.

What constitutes enough? Is the amount you work determined by what you’re paid? Or is the amount determined by your title? Is outside perception driving how much time you work? Do you feel pressured to do more, even if you think you’re where you are supposed to be?

As stated yesterday, there is always room for improvement. However, do we always have to focus that on our work life? How about stepping back and enjoying what we are actually working for.  Understandably there are times when 50-60 hour work weeks are required based on projects or a deadline. After that deadline passes do we recover and re-calibrate our work/life balance?

In today’s age we can (and most of us do) work 7 days a week. Answering emails, going in for a couple of hours to catch up. We rarely see a separation of work and life. Hence, the reason I am writing this for Sunday. In hopes, that you are reading this with a cup of coffee, tea or juice and relaxing. Enjoying what you have worked all week and year for….your time.

Your work schedule differs from quite possibly everyone else in your life. However, finding what works for you (no pun intended) is where the magic happens.

Work/life balance is becoming lost in the shuffle of constant communication.

Do you enjoy what you’re doing? Are you satisfied with the end result? Do you find time to be with the ones you love and do the activities your enjoy?

Finish that coffee and go make it the best day!



Downtime can be relaxing, rewarding and wasted. Depending on the mood you are in or the place you are at. Make your downtime count. Complete your to-do list. Finish the book you have been reading or if it is R&R you’re after…enjoy it.

Try not to settle into wasting your precious time by scrolling through endless web pages. Make progress in an area of your life. That can be recovery, re-charging or learning.

Downtime can be hard to come by. Make the most of it.

Make it the best day!


Follow through

Promised to take the garbage out?

Said you were going to make your bed?

Told everyone you were going to workout this afternoon after work?

Meet your friends for the softball game?

Whatever the promise or obligation is, bring follow through. Show up on time, complete the task. Showing up is half the battle in our day-to-day tasks. Be the one person people can count on.

It will not go unnoticed. You know when your friend or co-worker shows up late, it’s frustrating. When they are early, it’s a pleasant surprise.

Have the follow through so your circle can count on you. Accountability transfers across many aspects of personal and business life.

It also makes a difference.

Make it the best day!


Organization and leadership

Building your business requires a grasp on organization and delegation. No matter how large or small your company may be. As you begin to scale, your structure and hierarchy must also change and grow with you.

It is imperative to keep all team members on the same page as everyone takes on more tasks or new employees are hired.  As a move to scale begins or progresses, tasks and duties can fall through the cracks. This is where organization is key to success.

Each step up requires monitoring and leadership. The employees should know their responsibilities and what is expected of them. This is not to say micro managing is needed. Instead accountability and discipline are integral in this equation.

As a leader, you organize your team to set the business up for success. Each employee is well versed in the product or service and holds themselves to a high standard of success.

By allocating the correct resources and keeping the employees working toward a unified goal, the business will continue to scale and be successful.

As an owner, take responsibility. Lead by example everyday. Organize a winning team and attitude. A profitable product or service will result, all with a little side of customer satisfaction : )

Make it the best day!


What’s your time worth?

Have many times have you sat down and said, “Well that was a waste of my time”.

Calculate how much your time is worth. Does what you’re doing make you happy? Is what you are doing furthering an endeavor you are passionate about?

Time is finite. It is a limited asset. Delve into what makes you happy and is worth you time.

Once you have figured that out, do it! If certain activities or people need to be phased out….well so be it.

Your life and your time. Make it count.

Make it the best day!