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Slight delay

To my loyal readers!!

Sorry about the delay in-between posts. There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes (think of the curtain in the Wizard of Oz) to create a new logo and rebrand for 2017.

There will be more blog posts to come, they just might trickle out a little slower here in December. Kind of like molasses at this time of year…you know… 🙂

It has been a great year and new opportunities are around every corner. Remember to keep your eyes open. You never know where the next big step forward will come from.

Keep you positive affirmations going. Say them often and say them loud! (The car or shower is a great place for this) Your intent creates your reality, be as strong with your intent as possible. The return will be quicker and more fruitful than you could have imagined!

Take advantage of this wonderful Friday, rejoice that you woke up to live it!

Make it the best day!




To your body

To your family and friends

To co-workers

To strangers

To nature

To new stories

To old stories

Don’t talk. Listen. Ask a question, then listen for the whole answer without interjecting. Hone this skill and just like having patience or gratitude you will be rewarded.

Make it the best day!


The sun is up

If you’re reading this, you woke up…YES!!

Now it’s time to get to work. The sun is up and we have a checklist of things to accomplish, personally and professionally.

This may not be the ideal situation you wanted to be in at the beginning of the week, or the beginning of the month. However, here we are.

Let’s lock it down and be the change we want to see in the world. Follow you passion. Make your voice heard in the most productive way possible. Encourage a movement to make progress. As a citizen of this great country we can make a difference. Social media makes it easier to mobilize and make headway in your cause.

Take our individual fires and create greatness for today, tomorrow and permanently moving forward.

Make it the best day!


Emotional response

An email comes through with some not so nice things to say about a product, experience, or a recent transaction from a client. What is the first thing you do?

Most likely it is get a little irritated and want to respond with a lot of “I’m right and you’re wrong” type statements. Those might be good for grade school but in business we need to make decisions with a clear mind and separate feelings from a response.

If we responded with our emotional reaction every time, chances are we would end up in a lot of arguments and lose clients. A good way to start a response is to look at the facts and take your time. Do not respond in 5 minutes or even 30 minutes. Take a couple of hours to let your emotions come back to baseline.

Also remember, we don’t know what is going on in our clients life. They could have an extremely stressful day and you happened to take brunt of it (which is not the way to go, but that is another conversation)

Take a couple of hours to formulate a response. Remember to keep emotions out of the email and remain cordial. Use facts and offer more assistance.  The more help you offer, the more difficult it becomes for the other person to push anger towards you.

Always try to keep your emotions in check when dealing with business relationships. It will help keep client relationships strong and show you can be counted on to deliver a solid customer service experience.

Make it the best day!


Find your unicorn

The one thing that makes you beyond excited to be alive.

It can be anything or any person!

Find your Unicorn, love it. Dance with it, go crazy with it!

Make it the best day!


Are you working enough?

Hmmm…that is an interesting question.

What constitutes enough? Is the amount you work determined by what you’re paid? Or is the amount determined by your title? Is outside perception driving how much time you work? Do you feel pressured to do more, even if you think you’re where you are supposed to be?

As stated yesterday, there is always room for improvement. However, do we always have to focus that on our work life? How about stepping back and enjoying what we are actually working for.  Understandably there are times when 50-60 hour work weeks are required based on projects or a deadline. After that deadline passes do we recover and re-calibrate our work/life balance?

In today’s age we can (and most of us do) work 7 days a week. Answering emails, going in for a couple of hours to catch up. We rarely see a separation of work and life. Hence, the reason I am writing this for Sunday. In hopes, that you are reading this with a cup of coffee, tea or juice and relaxing. Enjoying what you have worked all week and year for….your time.

Your work schedule differs from quite possibly everyone else in your life. However, finding what works for you (no pun intended) is where the magic happens.

Work/life balance is becoming lost in the shuffle of constant communication.

Do you enjoy what you’re doing? Are you satisfied with the end result? Do you find time to be with the ones you love and do the activities your enjoy?

Finish that coffee and go make it the best day!


Calling them out

Or calling them up!

Call one, two or three people you care are about today. You can say anything you want! A simple hello, love you, thinking of you…I mean come on, there are a lot of words to choose from!

We live in a fast paced society where little gestures are overlooked. However, by those who choose to make the little things a part of their daily routine, they receive that goodness right back.

We have said it before, gratitude is an integral part to living a life full of abundance. Go ahead and give someone a call today, make their day.

Make it the best day!


Unplug weekend

The weekend is here and it’s that time again to…unplug!

Pick a day or two this weekend to set the phone down, leave it inside. Turn the iPad off and get outside into nature. The weather is quickly becoming prime for exploring and getting good exercise.

If you decide to take the weekend off from electronics then read both of this weekend’s blog posts on Monday! The body always needs a reset and same goes for the mind.

Take in the sights and sounds of nature this weekend.

Unplug from your devices, connect to nature.

Make it the best day!


What’s your time worth?

Have many times have you sat down and said, “Well that was a waste of my time”.

Calculate how much your time is worth. Does what you’re doing make you happy? Is what you are doing furthering an endeavor you are passionate about?

Time is finite. It is a limited asset. Delve into what makes you happy and is worth you time.

Once you have figured that out, do it! If certain activities or people need to be phased out….well so be it.

Your life and your time. Make it count.

Make it the best day!