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Happy Halloween

Dress up in a fun outfit and make some people laugh!

Be the house that gives out full size candy bars, because come on, we all love that!!

This can be quite the Monday if you enjoy the spirit of the day (insert ghost emoji here)

Make it the best day!


Monday prep

We have touched on this point before. However, preparation is key to success at the beginning of any week. Prepare your meals on Sunday. Lay out your clothes each night for the next day. Plan you workouts for the week, so your busy days won’t throw a wrench in your fitness.

Preparation breads success. Be prepared and conquer your week.

Make it the best day!


Morning Commute

Stressed out about the commute to work tomorrow? Unless you are walking or riding your bike, chances are there will be a car drive, bus or train ride involved. How can you turn the stress of a morning commute into a pleasant trip?

Select music that is calming and has those good vibes. : )

Try to avoid music that has an over aggressive tone and speed. It will amplify the stress of traffic. Find some surfing tunes, classic samba or flamenco. Pleasant feels will follow, guaranteed.

If you don’t have to drive to work, pick up a good book or the paper to read. Expand your knowledge or find and enjoyable book that will take your mind on fun journey.

There are many things that can derail a good morning. Take it into your hands to make your day the best it can be from the start.

Remember your actions determine your outcomes. Be positive and enjoy your Monday!

Make it the best day!


Get by

What will you do today?

Enough to make it or will you make a difference?

Each morning we have a choice to do the bare minimum or exceed in just one portion of our day.

Go the extra step for someone else or yourself. Make a positive change.  Every little bit helps and makes a world of difference.

Make it the best day!



Finding your zen and exploring your zone

What makes you happy and gives you the feeling of being at ease?

Today for me it was on the spin bike with the right music. I was flooded with feelings that made my Monday morning more enjoyable than I could have thought. At minute two my thoughts gravitated towards the following.

  • Being present
  • Setting an intention
  • Positive affirmations
  • Gratitude
  • Motivation
  • Clearing my head

Your happy place and space can be anywhere doing anything. Try to find it more than once a week. You will feel recharged and do things you didn’t think possible.

Make it the best day!


Don’t do tomorrow what you can do today

When is the last time you said “I’ll take care of that tomorrow”?

Chances are that statement has been said numerous times in the last few days alone. In my opinion that can be the most debilitating self talk statement there is.

Getting through your current task list is the first step in clearing your “pile” of to-dos. It may seem like that “pile” will never get taken care of. If you keep putting tasks off until tomorrow than that pile will continue to build up. How you can stay ahead of the game and keep on top of your tasks?

  • Create a to-do list. Arrange it with from most important to least
  • Use a highlighter to cross the tasks off. It will keep your list cleaner and give a little color!
  • Don’t attempt to multi-task or jump around on the list. You created the list in order of importance for a reason. Check off the list in order and you will be surprised how quickly it actually gets done
  • Allow yourself a break after completing a set number of tasks.

Be disciplined and clean your list. The sense of accomplishment will be immediate and you won’t have to worry about doing all those tasks “tomorrow”.

Make it the best day!


Dominate your Monday

Chances are your alarm went off this morning and a few things came into your head.

  1. S*** it’s Monday and I can’t sleep in
  2. Traffic is going to be brutal
  3. I’m really tired can I just lay here for a while?

Those are just a few samplings I have heard and experienced. Feel free to add you own. Then you can re-create from the sounds of it, a “beautiful and empowering morning!” (I am still getting used to this blog thing. So that was sarcasm if I didn’t lay it our clearly. 🙂

This isn’t going to be a rah rah rah you’re the best and Monday’s are awesome speech. Even though I am capable of delivering it. If you need one let me know!

It’s about using the tools you already have to alter your mind set and create greatness whenever your mind or body want to create doubt. We can bathe in self-depreciation and doubt all day because it is easy. What are you left with at the end of the day? A feeling of exhaustion, less self worth, and an overall bad attitude?

Make small changes to your mindset and self talk to create an unstoppable you. Instead of casting doubt on your talents, abilities and how terrible your week will be. Start your day with a positive affirmation and smile. You will be surprised how much different you will FEEL. The way you FEEL will dictate your day and the best part is. YOU can CONTROL how you FEEL!

Don’t believe me? Try one or all five of the following things when you wake up feeling crummy, stuck in traffic, just got into an argument, etc, you get the idea.

  1. Smile (It’s really that easy)
  2. Say OUT LOUD 3 things you are thankful for in your life. Insert them into the following sentence “I am so happy and thankful for…..”
  3. Put on your favorite good mood song and sing along to the whole thing!
  4. Think about what makes you happy everyday (children, spouse, pet, your car) Say out loud “Driving in my awesome 2004 Sebring makes me feel like a total badass”
  5. Find a quite spot and breathe easy for 5 minutes. Each inhale focus on your breath. Each exhale smile

Life is about feeling. You can change yours in one minute or one second. Remember, you can only truly control you and your thoughts. So why not take those thoughts and make them positive? Make them life altering. Give your thoughts power to make you feel amazing and unstoppable! We are all full of greatness, don’t be afraid to dig deep and find yours.

For the betterment of you and everyone in your life….Dominate your DAY!!

Make it the best day!


(I do realize I used some all caps words up there. Normally I stray away from that. However, those words are important and I would yell them at you if we sitting in the same room 🙂