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How to eat on the cheap

Are you traveling or have a late night at work and you need food. But, you want to eat healthy for under $10, impossible?! I say no!

Chipotle is a great choice and option for eating healthy and cheap with almost unlimited customized options. The below meal cost a total of $7.09!

Burrito Bowl

1/2 brown rice and 1/2 white rice

1/2 kidney bears and 1/2 black beans

Add fajita vegetables

Protein of your choosing ( I got chicken, so it was a little cheaper)

One scoop medium salsa

One scoop hot salsa

Corn mix

Add lettuce

Tortilla on the side


Affordable, tasty and healthy.

Make it the best day!



Excuse me

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Lost? Looking for a file that you can’t find? Don’t know how to pronounce a word in a foreign language?

Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re stupid. It means you want to make sure you get it right. There is no shame is asking questions. Society makes us feel like we should know everything. We obviously don’t, so ask!

Personally or professionally, be the thoughtful question master.

Make it the best day!


Walk about

Wanting to get a good exercise day in but have no equipment? Find the hills and steps in your current city or town. If your work or the nearest attraction is only 1 mile away, walk.

Explore the city, take in the sights and sounds. Connect with where you are.

You will notice things that passed right by when you drove or took the bus. Engage in your surroundings. This is especially important when traveling and exploring new cities. Intricate doorways and windows can be missed by taking the tram everywhere. Not only will you see more sights, but the exercise you get will feel wonderful!

Make it the best day!


Eating while traveling

There are many temptations when you are traveling. With the prevailing thought process of “I am on vacation I will eat whatever I want!”

While not limiting yourself is a wonderful, we must also keep in mind my favorite word.


It can be quite hard to stick to your normal diet when on the go. There are many obstacles that can appear. These can include but are not limited to, stress, lack of a place to cook, not many great options, time restraints.

Look over the menu, find options with the highest protein content. (The desserts are usually not the best place to start with this ūüôā

The lean meats will be a great start, chicken, pork and fish are also good. Obviously a vegetation option would be a good substitute, however the protein content may be a bit lacking.  Protein will help keep you satisfied longer than breads or carbohydrates. If possible, get a mixed of carbs, proteins and fats. This will help you from getting all the sweets from the menu.

Make it the best day!


Eat locally (travel version)

While you are traveling it is a great idea to eat at local hot spots. However, if you have a stove or cooking ability in the venue you are staying, take advantage of the local markets (Farmers and meat markets)!

They will have local fare that you can not get at home (if traveling abroad)

Regional specialties that are worth the sample. They may not taste the best or they could be amazing, take the chance! One of the most recent discoveries was black pepper Ireland Brie cheese. That was a real treat.

Try the local fare, cook it up and see the results.

Make it the best day!


New to a city? Explore

When visiting any city there is a lot to do and see. We mostly plan out our big stops and important attractions.

However, if you have the time and curiosity, perhaps do a little off the map exploration. Start walking down side streets and new roads. Find different ways to where you are staying. Ask the locals the best place for food, drinks or dancing.

Go outside of your comfort zone to make the most of your travels. Take a chance and be rewarded.

The adventure is what you make of it, so make it something to remember.

Make it the best day!



When you’re traveling and eating at restaurants how easy is it to eat healthy?

There are temptations on every page of that menu. We all know it. It can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sausage gravy (yes please!) Onion rings (yum) Pasta with loads of cheese and meat (What do you mean I can only have one serving?!)

Maintaining healthy eating habits is about moderation. You can eat a scoop of ice cream, some pizza, a biscuit with gravy or whatever else strikes your fancy. The key is to not do it all the time. Enjoy your food and the experience. Just like anything else in life, do it in moderation.

You will feel better physically and mentally after the fact. Moderation can help you stay on track to achieving your goals in all aspects of your life. Just as being on Facebook or Twitter for a prolonged period of time can be a detriment to your productivity. Moderation can be applied to more aspects than food.

Stay on the path to success. Stay disciplined.

Make it the best day!



Explore your neighborhood, your town, your city and your state.

Have you done all that already?

Get out of the country!

With our finite time to roam and adventure around the earth make the best and the most of it! See what other cultures are like. Explore their food and the art. Take in a foreign city at midnight under the lights.

Life is about adventure. Packing up a tent and camping in the middle of anywhere!

Sipping a wine and eating a snack on the sidewalk.

Create adventure at every turn. Make the world your playground. If you can only go around  your town or state, explore places you have never been!

Take a step outside your comfort zone and your routine. Bring a friend or record it with photos.

Constantly create.

Never stop exploring!

Make it the best day!