Excuse me

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Lost? Looking for a file that you can’t find? Don’t know how to pronounce a word in a foreign language?

Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re stupid. It means you want to make sure you get it right. There is no shame is asking questions. Society makes us feel like we should know everything. We obviously don’t, so ask!

Personally or professionally, be the thoughtful question master.

Make it the best day!


Walk about

Wanting to get a good exercise day in but have no equipment? Find the hills and steps in your current city or town. If your work or the nearest attraction is only 1 mile away, walk.

Explore the city, take in the sights and sounds. Connect with where you are.

You will notice things that passed right by when you drove or took the bus. Engage in your surroundings. This is especially important when traveling and exploring new cities. Intricate doorways and windows can be missed by taking the tram everywhere. Not only will you see more sights, but the exercise you get will feel wonderful!

Make it the best day!



How many of those pesky emails are sitting in your inbox? The intention of leaving them there so it reminds you to do it later.

Here is a challenge for the week. Clean up your inbox to have three to five emails TOTAL! (I don’t like typing in all caps, but it seemed appropriate there)

Instead of having an inbox full of emails you might get to. Settle in, read and respond. Then move them to the appropriate folder. Organization starts with discipline.

Make it the best day!


Saturday workout

Need to get a high intensity workout in but don’t have a lot of time this morning?

Well you’re in luck!

Do each exercise for 30 seconds then rest for 15 seconds. Move on to the next exercise and repeat until you have moved through the whole workout. Rest for 2 minutes then repeat 5 times! If you want to really challenge yourself make the work times 1 minute and 30 seconds rest.

Jumping Jacks

Pushups- Regular or modified

Prisoner Squats

Walking lunges


Stair or hill runs

Bear crawls on the ground (grass preferred here)

Make it the best day!




Eating while traveling

There are many temptations when you are traveling. With the prevailing thought process of “I am on vacation I will eat whatever I want!”

While not limiting yourself is a wonderful, we must also keep in mind my favorite word.


It can be quite hard to stick to your normal diet when on the go. There are many obstacles that can appear. These can include but are not limited to, stress, lack of a place to cook, not many great options, time restraints.

Look over the menu, find options with the highest protein content. (The desserts are usually not the best place to start with this ­čÖé

The lean meats will be a great start, chicken, pork and fish are also good. Obviously a vegetation option would be a good substitute, however the protein content may be a bit lacking.  Protein will help keep you satisfied longer than breads or carbohydrates. If possible, get a mixed of carbs, proteins and fats. This will help you from getting all the sweets from the menu.

Make it the best day!



The journey can be hard and trying. However,  the outcome is what matters. Is it what you intended?

Focus on what you intended and when it comes out that way, rejoice!

Be positive, work through the trying times and rejoice in your outcomes.

Make it the best day!


Have you tried this?

A new time to wake up? A different dish from your favorite place to grab a bite. A twist on your favorite Friday after work hang out activity or spot?

Venture out to try something off your beaten path and no, you don’t need to check Yelp before you take the leap either!

Make it the best day!


What’s in your backpack?

Notebook, phone, wallet, gym clothes, transit card, headphones….dreams?

Where do you want to explore? What drives your passion for working? Do you want to vacation, travel, sit in the back yard?

Each day that passes is a gentle reminder that our time is precious. Your backpack should be full of what you aspire to do.

Setting your intention and making your dreams become realities. Try not to make your pack too heavy. Take in your experiences, not all on your phone.

Pack your bag and live your dreams.

Breathe, look, love, repeat.

Make it the best day!




Get by

What will you do today?

Enough to make it or will you make a difference?

Each morning we have a choice to do the bare minimum or exceed in just one portion of our day.

Go the extra step for someone else or yourself. Make a positive change.  Every little bit helps and makes a world of difference.

Make it the best day!



Like a duck

Ducks let the water roll off their back. It’s not a bother to them.

A situation arises and we tend to hold on to the feelings and emotions.

Be like a duck in the means of letting the stress roll away. Learn to take in the situation, find a resolution and move on.

It’s a moment in time just like a droplet of water. There will be more to come and we need to deal with those as well.

Be like a duck. Resilient.

Make it the best day!