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No matter how big or tiny they might seem. An achievement is important and should be acknowledged. We strive to hit our goals everyday. Celebrate the victories and feel good about them!

Don’t write off an achievement as meaningless or too small. Every little one counts and can lead to bigger and better things.

Big goals are achieved by small achievements. Let’s celebrate them all!

Make it the best day!


Need, want, like

That is an amazing t-shirt, I want that! Holy cow that ice cream was just the best, I need that! Oh I like that picture of the ocean. It makes me smile.

Do we need that object, new car or candy bar? Or do we just want something in that moment? If we give it one day, will that feeling pass?

Analyze where you are and what you are thinking of buying. Most of the time it can wait. Think it through. This is very important for snacks that can derail your hard work of eating healthy. Taking a step back from that snickers and look for a better option. Or maybe this time it is just water to fill that ‘bored hunger.’

Need, want, like. Look at it, assess the situation, make a decision. More often than not, it’s a want and you will get by just fine without it.

Make it the best day!


Exit Strategy

You’ve made progress in your work and personal life. The goals you set out to achieve you accomplished, after long hours and stressful days.

Now what?

Re-set your goals to achieve a higher income level or more clients? What if this is the end of the current journey and you want to taper it down?

An exit strategy is needed. Not just a move that will drop you on your face but a strategic plan that is congruent with you life goals and objectives. This is as true for the workplace as it is for the market place with your retirement. How do you plan on living comfortably after your working days are done?

Have you planned for the exit in a smooth graceful (duck landing in the water way) or more like a fish trying to jump out of the water?

As uncomfortable as a thought as it may be at times, have an exit strategy waiting. You never know when you will need it. If life throws you a curveball and the exit plan is necessary, there will be much less stress knowing you already have one.

Make it the best day!


Who clears your path?

What path do you take to success? Is that path clear and easy or does it need some brush cleared out from time to time?

How does the path become more clear? Is it by work of others or by your hard work and dedication?

Chances are if your path seems full of brush, you might be depending on others too much. Your achievements and goals are personal for a reason. It is up to the individual to create those goals and put the work in achieve those goals.

There may be brush in your path, but it’s up to you as the individual to clear it.

Make it the best day!


Why not now?

I will retire and enjoy everything then. One more email then I will relax and spend time with the family. I can be home late again tonight, it’s OK.

More often then not we put our work first and enjoyment second.  We always have time for more work, but never quite enough time to invest in ourselves.

Enjoy what you have now, this moment, this day, this evening. If you step back and look at the big picture, work will always be there. You can always answer another email or schedule a meeting. Create a healthy work life balance. Tomorrow or the next hour is not promised to anyone.

Yes, planning for the future is important. I am not advocating spending all your time traveling or spending all of your earnings and not saving. However, having a balance is integral to living a life filled with quality.

Enjoy the moments with your family and friends by putting your phone away. Setting time restrictions on when your phone retrieves work emails. Your clients and co-workers will get used to not getting emails back on the weekend.

It will be OK. Enjoy your life with each step, instead of anticipating the next 40 with no regard to your current time and place.

Make it the best day!


Reaction assessment

Not everyday goes exactly as planned. Actually most days never go as you planned. However, it is how you react and adapt to the day that speaks to who you are.

There are many curveballs that come into play from the moment you open your eyes. How are you going to react will determine the path and happiness of the rest of your day.

When a curve ball is thrown at you, don’t think “What else could go wrong?”

Get in the habit of thinking and saying out loud, “How will I learn from this and move forward so I am end up in a better spot then I was 5 minutes ago?!”

A small change in thinking and verbalization of a positive affirmation will help you stay focused. This might not change anything right away, and some more things might come your way that are not beneficial to you. However, if you stay positive and react without negativity or a woe is me attitude a shift will occur.

It might take 8 hours, but it will happen.

Patience and persistence is key.

Remember your end goal and how in two weeks this seemingly significant moment will be surprisingly insignificant.

Make it the best day!


Invest in yourself

What propels you forward in life to learn new things? Why do we choose to learn a new language or make ourselves more appealing to future employers?

It is obviously a myriad of reasons, make more money, be better equipped for the future.

Whatever the reason may be the rationale remains the same.

It is always a good idea to invest in yourself.

Learn a new trade, learn a new skill, immerse yourself in a new language. The journey might have its ups and downs but you will come out a richer person. Not just in a monetary sense. Investing in yourself means you are understand the value of growing as an individual. It opens your eyes and mind up to new avenues you have never seen before.

Put the time and money into a new endeavor and become a learner. Always learn, stay connected to who you are and grow everyday.

Make it the best day!


1 day challenge

What have you been wanting to do and been putting off?

One thing that will take you out of your comfort zone. Perhaps only for 1 minute or 1 full day.

This is the 1 day challenge. Do one thing today that you haven’t done before or have been saying “I am going to do ________ this weekend, I swear this time!”

Do it. Then after the fact give yourself a high-five and a pat on the back!

Make it the best day!



It can feel as if you have all or none. Moving with momentum is the easiest part of moving. Why? Because you have assistance, the drive! When you don’t have momentum, everything can feel 100% harder.

How do we regain it? Did we ever lose it?

Focus on your task, little steps end up completing the end goal.

Those little steps build momentum and ultimately help in achieving that end goal.

Create your momentum and fuel it with small steps everyday to achieve your desired result!

Make it the best day!